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Dec 08,2023 | Peachista


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Attention to friends who haven't made a purchase yet! This is not just a sale, it's your chance to save money and invest in your figure. Get up to 50% off with purchases during the event. Buy 2 items and get a 15% discount, buy 3 items and get a 20% discount, and buy Don't hesitate anymore if you missed Cyber Monday and Black Friday. The event is almost over, hurry and stock up!
Are you looking for a pair of workout leggings that can fully showcase your curves and graceful figure during yoga studio or outdoor exercise? Butterfly High-Waist Legging can help you!
The butterfly bow and X-shaped structure add an extra 30% of flesh capacity to the waistline, shaping and decorating the waistline to make curves more prominent,The beauty of your body will bring a feeling of joy and happiness.
Double-crotch line design avoids stress point at inner thigh to reduce friction caused by excessive fat in root of thighs, allowing you to focus on exercise
Here are our top 3 best-selling products that help highlight your beautiful waist and hip curves. Wear them confidently in the workplace to express your high-quality lifestyle.
Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable when your legging fall down during workouts or get wet and falling due to sweat? Never Falling High-Waist Legging uses brushed fabrics to increase friction between the fabric and skin, perfectly solving these problems!
Focus on your yoga or gym session without worrying about falling! Never Falling High-Waist Legging's waistband contains a 2cm-wide, double-strength elastic band that locks your waist in place during squats and bends.
That's not all-the added segmentation on the buttocks enhances comfort and flexibility for the waist and hips. We prioritize your experience in daily life.
You hate discomfort from slipping pant legs during challenging yoga poses? Why not try these foot-tucked yoga pants?The longer leg length adds 4 cm more contact with your skin, allowing for the freedom to stretch.
Do you feel more secure bringing your phone to yoga class? But holding it in your hand can be a hassle.It is worth noting that Stirrup High-Waisted Leggings pocket has enough capacity to fit a 7-inch cellphone, as well as keys and other essentials.
Soft and stretchy fabric offers excellent breathability and sweat-wicking properties, allowing plus-size women to exercise comfortably without worrying about unpleasant body odors. Becoming a fragrant-smelling girl who know how to manage smells.
For those who love outdoor activities or yoga, choosing a high-quality and practical yoga pants is essential.
This leggings is tailored to these issues. It features a high-waist/anti-roll design, double-layered waistband with elastic for extra support and control around the stomach; ultra-soft fabric, providing warmth, comfort, breathability and quick-drying.
In addition, this yoga pants is also equipped with a large pocket that can hold a 7-inch phone and easily store keys, phone and other necessary items without worrying about losing them.
This pants is also our best-selling item, choose it! This excellent leggings won't go wrong.
Like Never Falling Tech but want a more fashionable style?
PEACHISITA has designed this High-Waist Flared Legging specifically for curvy women with thicker calves and excess fat around their waist this year.
High-Waist Flared Legging is distinguished by its flared leg shape that fall down your calves by 30%, giving you the illusion of slender legs. The 180° belly control feature tightens and firms up your midsection, completely hiding your belly fat for an instant slimming effect. The 12cm high-waisted design supports excess waist fat and prevents sagging, better shaping your curves.
We use elastic fibers with a stretch rate exceeding 270%, which fits comfortably and ensures that you can stretch freely in the yoga studio without feeling tight or restricted, even when performing high-difficulty poses.
Never Falling
Our products use brushed fabric to increase friction with the skin, ensuring no slipping during sweaty yoga sessions.
Never Rolling Down
Focusing on yoga, you'll be surprised that squatting won't make your legging roll!
Belly Control
180° belly control tightens and conceals, shaping a proud waistline.
Soft And Comfortable
Silky soft leggings for cloud-like comfort during practice.
Stay Breathable
Stretchy, breathable fabric wicks sweat and prevents odor, empowering curvy women.
Highly Elastic
Elastic fibers stretch 270% for comfy yoga poses, even high-difficulty.
Enhancing Focus During Yoga Practice
We Are Professional
We Know All Your Demands
Pushing Product To Its Limits
Product Quality Is Highly Valued
Empower Curvy Women For A More Active Lifestyle.