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Thanks to these leggings, my belly fat was finally able to be fully encased, and after 1 month my abdominal cellulite and intertrigo rash improved!
I wear them every day now because they're so comfortable.

Posted on April 12, 2024
Cameron Annear
I'm a 3X plus size woman, and although I don't feel inferior about my body, belly fat and intertrigo rash have been a constant problem in my life. I bought leggings all over Amazon and eBay, but none of them could completely hug my belly, the pressure on the waistband made me breathless, and even the leggings still slid down.

Until one day I saw some bloggers on Instagram reviewing Peachista’s leggings, and with the intention of giving it a try, I bought their Never Falling Leggings 2.0 and fell in love with them!
I wore the Never Falling Leggings 2.0 and felt more comfortable and wrapped than ever before. They completely wrap around my tummy and my belly cellulite feels smoothed out and doesn't slide off during any movement I make.

They don't slip by compressing the waist and abdomen like other leggings on the market, but rather control the abdomen and improve the waistline with a gentle fit. The lower back pain and chafing rash that has plagued my patients for years is getting better.
I was very shocked when I learned that this is Peachista's latest development, Three-Section Force Distribution™.
  • First layer: Four layers of fabric are anti-slip. A good adhesive layer treatment can allow the waistband to be adsorbed on the waist, preventing it from slipping and curling.
  • Second layer: Lumbar support area. It fits like a second skin, relieves pain in the lower back, and modifies the waist line.
  • The third layer: support area. Smoothes and supports excess fat, provides breathing space, and improves skin with intertrigo rash.
Although the Never Falling Leggings 2.0 are very plain and don’t have too many fancy designs, I prefer that they provide me with a comfortable wrap feel and improve health issues. I purchased all the colors and now wear them every day for work and exercise because they match all my outfits!
One month later, I found that my belly had shrunk and the intertrigo rash that had bothered me for many years had disappeared. No more pulling up your pants because they won't slip down. Body lines improved by 90%!
Peachista has invited me to participate in the product co-creation program. I will provide my wearing experience and suggestions for product development. I am so happy to be a part of Peachista and do my part to support plus size women!
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