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Fantastic leggings! The long-time waist pain problem has been solved and is taking the whole network of plus-size ladies and back pain patients by storm!
The End of Low Back Pain, Returning the Flexible Self
Posted by Jane Smith
Published: 2024.3.25
I am a chiropractic physician and have sparked global concern regarding the number of patients with low back pain that has continued to climb in recent years. Low back pain not only interferes with daily life, but more importantly, it is closely related to a variety of health problems. A large proportion of patients with low back pain are plus-size due to obesity.

We conducted a one-year study on a group of obese individuals. The amount of abdominal fat in the subjects was measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) and low back pain was assessed by a pain rating scale. The results of the study showed that low back pain symptoms were significantly higher in obese individuals than in those of normal weight. In particular, those obese individuals with higher accumulation of abdominal fat had more severe low back pain. 
Back pain due to obesity
Painful discomfort in standing and sitting
Dysfunction and activity limitation
Soreness and numbness
Reduced quality of life
Exercise is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight in the world. Through running, fitness, strength training and other exercises, burning body fat and calories, sweat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

However, exercise weight loss is a big challenge for plus-size people. Not only does it require sustained effort and long hours of dedication, but over-exercising for plus-size people can potentially trigger muscle strains, joint pain and overstrain. And once you stop exercising, there is a possibility of weight rebound, which is not the best option for weight reduction and back pain.
· Requires sweat and long term commitment
· Possibility of muscle strain, overstrain
· Joint pain
· Possibility of rebounding after stopping
In 2022, a study on Weight Loss for Back Pain Relief by Dr. Marco Funiciello Physical Medicine showed that obesity and low back pain go hand in hand. Each pound of weight gained increases the stress on the back muscles and ligaments in the lower back, along with joint pain. When choosing to exercise for weight loss, I recommend that you go with more wrapping and supportive leggings, such as the Peachista Never Falling leggings !

Muscle strains and joint pain can easily occur during daily workouts because there isn't enough wrapping and support around the lower back and joints, and Peachista Never Falling leggings are one of the keys I've found to improving lower back pain.
Peachista utilizes the world's leading self-developed triple-layer compression adhesive technology for a comfortable, snug wrap that supports the waist like God is holding you tight behind your back, giving you plenty of security!

Never Falling leggings don't compress the waist to achieve support like leggings on the market, instead they support and enhance the waistline with a gentle fit. Because of Peachista's attention and dedication to plus-size ladies, the back pain and numbness and limited mobility that has plagued my patients for years is getting better. The revolutionary stitching process not only targets the waist and abdomen, but also the hips. It gives you an instant butt lift, allowing you to improve your waist health while having more perfect curves.
0 Risk
✓ Healthy and safe
✓ Improve lower back pain
✓ Enhance waistline
✓ No side effects
In conclusion, if you are experiencing any kind of problems due to waist discomfort, please try Peachista Never Falling leggings for long term wear. This is what I recommend for plus size ladies - safe, no side effects, and highly effective. I have recommended these leggings to 90% of my patients and I have not received any negative feedback. Trust me, these leggings will surprise you!
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