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Secure Fit For Ultimate Comfort

Tailored for plus-size, our product boasts a sandwich-style pressure-sensitive adhesive & ultra-high waist for superior hold & stability. Prevents slips & revealing, fits various body shapes, ensures opacity for a cozy & secure wear.


The founders of Peachista encountered a common yet overlooked problem: finding yoga leggings that fit and flattered their curves. They realized that the market lacked options for curvy women, who often struggled with limited size ranges and substandard quality. This gap in the market not only restricted their choices but also compromised their yoga experience. Determined to fill this void, the founders of Peachista established the brand with a focus on fabric softness, quality, and fit. Their mission was to provide curvy women with high-quality, comfortable, and stylish yoga wear that would enhance their yoga journey. Peachista adhered strictly to the highest manufacturing standards to ensure excellence in every garment.


Empower Curvy Women For A More Active Lifestyle.


Peachista is committed to empowering curvy women through yoga. Their leggings are specially designed with belly control, pressure belts, and elastic fabrics to provide enhanced support and accentuate curves. Rigorous testing on various body types ensures that their products address common issues like slipping, sagging, and inadequate support. Using high-quality materials and innovative techniques, Peachista creates a comfortable and confident fit for every woman.

Listening To he Actual Needs f Users

Recognizing the struggle curvy women face in finding well-fitting yoga leggings, Peachista conducted an extensive user survey. Based on the feedback, they expanded their size range to include M to 6X, offering a variety of lengths and customizable options. This commitment to understanding and catering to diverse needs ensures that curvy women can enjoy yoga with convenience, comfort, and confidence.
Peachista invested 10 months in research and development, focusing on the key attributes that curvy women value in yoga wear: moisture-wicking, breathability, softness, comfort, support, and elasticity. By using high-quality, soft, and stretchable fabrics, they created a yoga experience that is dry, comfortable, and unrestricted. Their continuous innovation in curvy women's yoga clothing aims to empower them to practice yoga with confidence and elegance.